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        1. New Wheelabrator EZX Blast Wheel

          Increase productivity, save costs and solve complex production challenges with the EZX Blast Wheel.

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          Shaping Industry with Shot Blasting and Shot Peening Solutions

          Lowering your cost per component by airblast and wheelblast technologies.


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          Innovation in Surface Preparation

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          Innovation and Technology

          Wheelabrator is one of the world's leading providers of surface preparation technology, offering a complete range of airblast and wheelblast solutions.

          Wheelabrator specializes in the design and fulfillment of surface preparation solutions. Whatever your application, even if it has never been achieved before, talk to us – it’s the kind of challenge that makes us stand out from the crowd.

          The Centers for Product Innovation share expertise, and cover industries such as aerospace, automotive, foundry, shipping, construction and medical. Each center has a group of highly qualified engineers dedicated to delivering the right machine to fit your detailed requirements, and to deliver the finish and performance you require. We not only specialize in the blast process, but can also design and deliver a complete, automated, materials handling solution to include masking, delivery, loading and unloading of the components, and delivery to the next process in your production line.

          Your blast machine can then benefit from the support of our global aftersales and services department, Wheelabrator Plus.

          Wheelabrator has been delivering shot blasting solutions for more than 100 years. The expertise, competence and know-how this brings is second to none in the industry, with more than 15,000 active customers in almost 100 countries and an estimated 30,000 machines in the field, whatever your requirements are, you can be sure that Wheelabrator will be able to help.


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